Our core business is transporting bulk chemical cargo - we have moved millions of tons of cargo since our inception & serving to almost all territories of India.


Established in 1995, Aditya Bulk Carrierrs continues to offer our customer a reliable, safe and superior level of service & transport solutions for all the challenges till time.

Our emphasis on customer's needs has been the focus of our business since it originated over fifteen years ago as a small, family-owned chemical transport group. Today, having grown to be one of the leading transport logistics groups from Kandla, Gandhidham, we have built on our traditional base to become a widely recognized, a logistics provider in the Gandhidham, Kandla and Mundra region. Our comprehensive fleet of trucks are well equipped to provide you with a total solution, at a very competitive price.

Future Goals :

We have a vision for the future and want you to be a part in it. Our goal is to perform to the best satisfaction for our customers, than what is promised, without you we cannot begin doing it.

Fleets :

Our extensive fleets of tankers (S.S. & M.S. tanks)/trailors ranging from 10MT/s to 30MT/s of loading capacity, equipped with all modern facilities to suit clients requirements.


Ascend Maritime is committed to deliver Logistics solutions for all of your freight needs. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our clients' company, producing results that directly and positively impact on our clients' business objectives and bring the most efficient services that encourages teamwork and enthusiasm.

Our philosophy is based on quality service at a fair price.

Our expertise in arranging multimodal transportation & will assist your company in all aspects of commercial road, ocean, air or rail transportation, in a professional & reliable manner.


  • 1995Established

    • as a single tanker owner.
    • First contract bagged from M/s Adani Enterprise, Ahmedabad for F.O. transportation.
  • 2000Completed contract & Achieved owned fleets

    • By end of year successfully completed contract of Adani Enterprise.
    • Achieved owned fleets of tanker of more than 30.
  • 2005Awarded Contract

    • The group was awarded contract by M/s Jubiliant Organosys, M/s Dr. Reddys, M/s Aurbindo Pharma & few other listed companies & successfully completed.
    • 10more fleets of tankers were added.
  • 2008Started operating container transport

    • Company started operating its container transport.
  • 2009-2010Awarded by B.P.C.L.

    • Awarded by B.P.C.L. for record purchase of fuel.
    • 5 more fleets of tankers of 25KL capacity added by ending 2010.
    • The company expanded its wings in Global market & started its Door to Door services with China.
  • 2011Implemented ERP software & GPS tracking system

    • On January 01, 2011, company implemented ERP software & GPS tracking system for all its vehicle.


Our team believes that a responsible corporate citizen means realizing business success while operating with the highest standards of respect for people, the environment and towards society.

Our responsibility as a leader is to ensure more than just trying to do the right thing and about changing the way we think and fostering responsible business practices through our employees and partners in ways that lead to sustainable operations, profitability, and a healthy workforce in a thriving community.

These values shape our culture and form the basis of our commitment to make a positive contribution to society. As part of our commitment, a percentage of profit every year is funded to the welfare of orphanage, old homes, medical assistance & child education to poor etc.