India Info


Location :

The Indian peninsula is separated from mainland Asia by the Himalayas. The Bay of Bengal in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west, and the Indian Ocean to the south surround the Country.

Area :

3.3 Million sq km

Geographic Coordinates :

Lying entirely in the Northern Hemisphere, the Country extends between 8° 4' and 37° 6' latitudes north of the Equator, and 68°7' and 97°25' longitudes east of it.

Capital :

New Delhi

Border Countries :

Afghanistan and Pakistan to the north-west; China, Bhutan and Nepal to the north; Myanmar to the east; and Bangladesh to the east of West Bengal. Sri Lanka is separated from India by a narrow channel of sea, formed by Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar.

Coastline :

7517 km encompassing the mainland, Lakshadweep Islands, and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Climate :

The climate of India can broadly be classified as a tropical monsoon one. But, in spite of much of the northern part of India lying beyond the tropical zone, the entire country has a tropical climate marked by relatively high temperatures and dry winters. There are four seasons - winter (December-February), (ii) summer (March-June), (iii) south-west monsoon season (June-September), and (iv) post monsoon season (October- November)

Climate :

mainly tropical with temperature ranging from 10o – 40o C in most parts

Time zone :

GMT + 5 1/2 hours

Natural Resources :

Coal, iron ore, manganese ore, mica, bauxite, petroleum, titanium ore, chromite, natural gas, magnesite, limestone, arable land, dolomite, barytes, kaolin, gypsum, fluorite, etc.

Political Profile :

Government Type :

Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic with a Parliamentary system of Government.

Administrative Divisions :

28 States and 7 Union Territories.

Constitution :

The Constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950.

Executive Branch :

The President of India is the Head of State, while the Prime Minister is the Head of the Government and runs office with the support of the Council of Ministers who form the Cabinet.

Legislative Branch :

The Federal Legislature comprises of the Lok Sabha (House of the People) and the Rajya Sabha (Council of States) forming both the Houses of the Parliament.

Judicial Branch :

The Supreme Court of India is the apex body of the Indian legal system, followed by other High Courts and subordinate Courts.

Demographic Profile - ( Give this in table format ) :

Population (as on March 2001) : 1028.5 Million
  • Males: 532.1 Million
  • Females: 496.4 Million

Density of Population (2001) :

324 persons per square kilometer

Life expectancy at Birth (2001- 2006) :
  • Males: 63.9 years
  • Females: 66.9 years

Literacy Rate : 64.84 percent :
  • Males: 75.26 percent
  • Females: 53.67 percent

Major international airports :

New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram

Major ports of entry :

Chennai, Ennore, Haldia, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kolkata, Kandla, Mundra, Pipavav, Kochi, Mormugao, Mumbai, New Mangalore, Paradip and Tuticorin, Vizag